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 We all want a happy and successful life, amazing relationships, time to live our lives but what we often experience is stress, poor work-life balance, exhaustion, difficulties in relationships etc. In a nutshell, the life we have is not the life we dream about. We may be very successful in one area, for example we can be on top of our careers and financially free, yet deep inside we may feel that something is missing in other areas of our lives. You can live your life like that or you can decide to live the life of your dreams. You can raise your standards. Life coaching will help you explore what your dreams really are and what it is that is stopping you from achieving them. Then you will engage in a process of change. My coaching is design to help executives, managers and professional achieve their potential in all areas of their lives. To save you your precious time, I run most of the sessions on line or over the phone but in person sessions in and around London are also possible. 

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Life coaching is more than just looking at what you come to me with and helping you fix it. Very often when people come to me with a problem, there is a more profound problem deep inside that they have been unconscious neglecting to address. So may come to me with a weight problem but what we may discover is that it is just a surface manifestation of your relationships problems. My aim is to help you with both the problems that you think you have such as weight loss, smoking, addictions, sleep problems, stress, personal as well as work relationships, work-life balance, presentation nerves, phobias but most importantly I can help you to set goals and plan actions to achieve the life of your dreams. If you have stopped dreaming, don't worry, we can fix it too.

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Get Fit for Success event in Stratford, London, 19 June 2019

Transformations Life Coaching is excited to introduce a Stress Management training workshop. Your organisation will benefit from having more productive and engaged employees and fewer days lost due to stress or stress related illness. 

My Expertise
  • stress management

  • work-life balance

  • setting professional and personal goals

  • overcoming limits 

  • insomnia & sleep problems

  • presentation nerves

  • meeting nerves

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