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Edie Piorkowska is a certified Life Coach, Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner who helps people overcome stress, anxiety and depression as well as improve the quality of their lives. She helps people set and achieve their goals related to their health, relationships as well as personal and professional life.


She started her coaching career to help professionals and business owners deal with the stress and with feeling stuck in their current situation due to the demands of trying to juggle their jobs and the lifestyle that they desire.


Prior to her coaching training, she spent over 20 years working as an educator, running a property business, training professionals and leading network meetings. Today she offers a range of coaching services and programmes – from individual coaching sessions to group workshops, seminars and speeches. She is also an accredited member of ACCPH.

Edie Piorkowska
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My life has not been just roses. There've been thorns as well. I understand pain. I have gone through redundancy, depression, fear of losing it all. I know what it means to worry that you may have a terminal illness. I know how it feels to wake up in the morning and wondering what the purpose of life is. I faced the decision to eliminate a toxic person from my life. I grieved for a person I lost in my life. I struggled in a job which was taking all my free time every day and at weekends. I felt the desire to find the meaning in life. These are just some examples of what I have gone through in my life.


And I am grateful to life for giving me all these obstacles in my life because it means I can understand your pain and I have great desire to help you. I have overcome these difficult times in my life with the help of others and now I want to help you. I have created a vision of great life for myself and I want to help you create a vision for yourself. And we will not stop at creating a vision. We will set goals and plan actions to achieve that great vision of yours.

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