My expertise
  • stress management

  • work-life balance

  • setting professional and personal goals

  • overcoming limits 

  • insomnia & sleep problems

  • presentation nerves

  • meeting nerves

  • achievement of ambitious goals

  • lifestyle change

What can you expect

Life Coaching is all about results. My aim for you is to experience the benefits of change quickly. With a range of coaching and NLP techniques as well as hypnotherapy your health and well-being will easily improve. You will make changes to your lifestyle and achieve goals you never thought were possible. I guarantee professionalism and non-judgemental friendly approach.


To start your journey to a better and more successful you, you will need to invest:

Transformation: £2950

Breakthrough: £950

Clarity: £250

Free initial non-obligation TASTER SESSION.


This programme addresses multiple areas in your life to achieve a major change in your life and deal with problems such as stress, relationship problems, fears, unhealthy lifestyle, mental illness, work-life balance etc. You will engage on a path of discovery of what a happy and successful life is for you and we will work out a bespoke programme to make changes in your life for your individual circumstances and personality. It is not only your life that will change, but you will change as well, you will become a person you've always wanted to be and then you will have even more personal growth, so that you become a person you could only dream to be. Put yourself on top of the game. 6 month programme including sessions plus email and phone support in between the sessions. Your commitment is a must.



Breakthrough programme aims to change one or two particular areas in your life. This could be dealing with stress, relationship problems, fears, unhealthy lifestyle, mental illness etc. WE will start with identifying the causes of the problems and work on eliminating them. You will set goals and actions for the chosen period of time within the areas identified and you will get on a journey towards a happier and more successful life with our 3 month programme including sessions plus email support between the sessions.


Two 1-hour sessions programme to get clarity on what it is you want to change or need to change to move on in life and plan the changes that you will introduce. We will identify and remove limitations and blocks that are stopping you from achieving your dream life. We will work on improving your mindset, motivation and confidence.


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