I need a snack!

We now know that sugar is not good for you. But you still feel cravings. Well, you are not to blame entirely. When you are stressed your cortisol levels increase and this hormone is responsible for telling the body to store fat for a fight or flight response in the future. Do you feel off the hook now? I wouldn't.

Your body does what it was designed to do. It doesn't know that your stress is psychological and that you are not preparing to punch anyone or run for your life. But you know it. You need to make a choice. Yes, you feel cravings but you may choose to fill your stomach with non-sugary snacks, such as carrot, cucumber, celery etc. Not only will you avoid sugar but you will also give your body lots of vitamins and minerals.

If you really cannot stay away from something sweet, go for more natural sources such as fruit. And remember to drink lots of water. Sometimes when we are stressed, we may feel like we need to eat when in fact we are dehydrated.

How about a smoothie for a snack? To make a simple smoothie you can blend fruit and vegetables and you need to add some water as well. You do not have to drink all of it at once. You can sip it over an hour or longer, avoiding further cravings for sugary snacks. And with bullet blenders that are available on the market today we do not have an excuse that smoothies are hard to make or messy. I prepare my fruit the evening before and put the jar in the fridge. In the morning I just blend it, put it in the fridge when I arrive at work and it's ready whenever I feel like having a snack.

In the next episode: Why do you feel your energy is drained when you are stressed?

Disclaimer: consult a doctor or nutritionist when changing your diet drastically or when you have a medical condition.

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